*the sidewalks are alive with the sound of humansssss*

photo by Kat Merry via @Beacon_streetstyle

The days are getting longer, the trees greener, and once ice-covered sidewalks of small city main streets now sing with the pitter patter of pedestrian feet. People have emerged from the confinement of their homes and with dissipating trepidation, are being welcomed them with open arms.

The recent rainfall has primed small towns for soon-to-come tapestries of colorful blooms and rich grassy knolls.

Dog’s and their owners venture out for spins around the block, meandering between visitors and neighbors who in kind, extend friendly hands for pats and belly rubs as…

As things are looking up, are you feeling withdrawals?

Image from Unsplash by Alton Ferreira

Mornings are my favorite time of day.

I take my time making my coffee, tie on my cozy bathrobe, and take a seat at my desk…my dog curled up at my feet.

This year I relished in my mornings reading the news.

I scrolled and clicked for hours, exploring all types of news platforms, and shared links back and forth with my friends.

It was exciting and being up just before sunrise, I loved the feeling of getting the freshest Breaking News as the world still slept.

My husband would sleepily…

“It’s so good to finally see you!” *drools*

Image from article on College Basics

I wish someone had prepared me for my first social interaction — away from my computer screen.

It was comforting seeing my own face in the Brady Bunch grid, having the option of not wearing pants, and being able to shut my laptop or clock an exit button if I needed a breather from a conversation.

But now, with new guidelines in place, we have more options to safely socialize outside the confines of a zoom call or text thread. …

…how I stopped wasting time, chasing ‘skinny’

Image from Nicole Width article on TheList.com

In 2009, a reporter asked model and actress Kate Moss what her life-mantra was. She replied, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” I was 18 when I read this, a highly impressionable teen, and this mantra stuck with me.

It inspired a core belief that lasted almost a decade: to be happy, I had to be skinny.

Over the years, I went on countless diets: Weight Watchers, Atkins, Keto, High Protein, Intermittent Fasting, The Apple and Water Diet, The Master Cleanse…if you’ve heard about it on Doctor Oz, I’ve tried it. …

That friend who is a little ‘TMI’ is actually good for your soul.

Image by Katarzyna Grabowska from Unsplash

We all have our select group of girl friends… Maybe yours is a mixture of long distance friends, drinking buddies, coworkers, shopping friends, or even just fair-weather acquaintances.

However you classify your girls, The Beatles’s wise words ring especially true in the cluster f%*k that is, the year 2020: we get by with a little help from our friends.

There are 5 ‘types’ of girl friends I believe to be particularly crucial to survival and even personal growth this year and any year... Here’s the breakdown:

  1. THE MOM

If your head is hanging over the toilet, she’d holding your hair…

Feeling stuck in a rut? Get ‘un-stuck’ with these quick exercises…

Image by Bruce Mars from Unsplash

We all feel stuck sometimes. Stuck on a breakup, stuck on a math problem, stuck on what word to use or what gift to buy someone. The quickest way to re-motivate and charge into action is by asking someone to hold that feeling for us, even just for a moment, and giving someone else a chance to be the external motivator we might subconsciously be craving.

We can often get stuck in our own narrative of the “I don’t want to,” and the “I…

It’s spooky season and it’s time you two had a chat.

Image from Unsplash by Steinar Engeland

We tend to write what we know. Ergo, I write about anxiety, because I know anxiety.

Anxiety greets everyone differently and takes different forms. It might come in an instant random pang and then in a snap, it’s gone. It may crescendo, then taper off like the sting after a tequila shot. Or, it might only come at night, waiting for you, like a monster under your bed.

If you’ve experienced anxiety, you know the drill…Racing thoughts, irrational fears, crippling insecurity, sweaty palms, self-doubt, shame — an unrelenting and…

Be a caretaker of your own thoughts — and starve the ones that are holding you back.

Image from The Creative Exchange on Unsplash

Humans have, on average, about 80,000 thoughts everyday. That means about 2,500–3,300 thoughts per hour- just about 50 thoughts per minute.

That is A LOT of neurons firing at once. YOWZA.

So, unless you have the introspection power of a Buddhist Monk, our minds lack the capacity to experience and interpret each of these 80,000 thoughts effectively. …

Those push notifications are eroding humanity — and I guess we’re okay with that?

Top image from Bethesda Magazine | Bottom image from The Daily Mail

I’m sure you’ve heard the buzz on the new Netflix sensation, “The Social Dilemma.” It takes a deep and controversial dive into the dark truths of human connection (or rather, enslavement) to our phones and social media.

The reel is peppered with commentary from Silicon Valley’s finest tech-heads, ethics conductors, and ex-executives of household social media and Big Tech companies — facebook, twitter, google, to name a few. It’s fair to say the producers did their homework in accrediting the incendiary documentary.

The takeaway and pretty…

If you still think sugary cereal is the worst way to start your morning, read this.

Image from Unsplash by Laura Chouette

You read the headline, so I’m going to jump right into it.

8:00am: Wake up to the alarm on my phone.

I hit snooze, but I see 3 notification banners on my locked home screen:

A New York Times headline on a new incriminating thing Trump has done…Free People clothing, nudging me to check out their new Fall coat collectionLinkedIn, alerting me of two new connection requests.

8:01am: Sleepy-eyed, I click the NYT headline and spend 10 minutes scrolling through the article — and…

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Writer: [[The Innovation • The Parables • Pets]] — & Official dabbler in life-hacking...Writing is my favorite form of exercise.

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